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Fr. Agnel School, Dibahi is a Co – Ed, private school, one among many schools run all over India by the Society of Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, also known as Society of Pilar. Venerable Agnelo is one of the Pilar Father, a Saintly member after whom the School is named. The School established on 8th January 2011 is located in Dibadhi, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India and itis affiliated to ICSE Board, New Delhi and at the moment caters to students from Nursery to Tenth standard.

The Society of Pilar is known for its educational services both in big cities and remote villages with special attention to the poor, marginalized and deprived strata of the Society. The Society sees that we provide quality education even to those who cannot afford to pay affluent fees. Given the location of our school and the financial difficulties of our Parents, we with minimum fees, in comparison to other schools, try to give quality education and best possible opportunities to our students, in order to prepare them to face life ahead.Our Children are the centreof what we do and for whom our Fr. Agnel school exists

It was my privilege to be associated with the school, from itsinitial planning and execution. At the moment I am very happy, because I got the opportunity to get directly involved in the school administration as its Secretary. I gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Fr. Stanley Pereira, Fr. Seby D’ Souza and all the other Priests, Sisters, Staff Members towards the steady growth of our School. I look forward to take this institution to greater heights together with Fr. CajiBarretto, with the active participation and collaboration of the staff, parents and students..

Our late and dynamic president, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam said; “The purpose of education is to make good human beings, with skill and expertise. Enlightened human beings can be created by teachers”.We the parents and staff should be motivated to mould our beloved children, keeping in mind the above. Therefore our goal is to educate our beloved Children /students ‘to be Good and Enlightened Human Beings’.

Our School being a Christian minority institution; is based on the values of Jesus Christ. He went about ‘doing good’ for others, sacrificing his own self. He is the perfect example of enlightened and good Human being.

To know is good, but Knowledge passes.Wisdomis eternal, it remains. May all of us be filled with WISDOM; For “WISDOM TRIUMPHS“.