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Fr. Agnel School is a private unaided school in Dibadih, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India which was established on 8th January 2011. The school is run by the Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, commonly known as Society of Pilar, whose members are commonly known as Pilar Fathers. The school is named after Venerable Fr. Agnelo, a saintly member of the Society of Pilar. It provides education from Nursery to standard 10 and is in the process of being affiliated to ICSE Board, New Delhi....

One of the aims of the Society of Pilar is to provide education to the children, especially the poor. Through the school we attempt to serve the educational needs of such children and try to provide quality education. This part of Jharkhand, where the school is situated has a lot of poor children who have been deprived of quality education and hence deprived of the opportunities to come up in life, especially for financial reasons. Our aim is to serve these lower strata of the Society who are mostly tribals. They are in need of more empowerment through education.

For the last 8 years or in other words from the inception of the School with 7 students, I have been part of the school. I have seen the needs of the people, the hunger of the people who want their children to be educated and so forth. In spite of difficulties, since its inception, the school has been making a steady progress and is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the participation of parents, co-operation of the dedicated staff and the enthusiasm of children. With our limited resources, we strive for the all round development of the children. Besides, the general academic curriculum we organise other co-curricular activities like sports, personality development programmes, elocution competitions, etc. Education is far beyond the four walls of class room or boundaries of the school premises. The children are bright. They need opportunities to display their talents. The purpose of education is precisely that – to draw out or to unfold the power of the mind and also physically nurture the child. Without education human resource development is not possible. Without developing the available human resource we cannot think of nation building. I hope, we are able to continuously contribute to this noble task of nation building through our humble efforts.

Before I conclude, Mr. Shiv Khera, one of my best motivational speaker and Educator in his book, Living With Honour states, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things Differently.” Fr. Agnel School strives to make children to shine in the world by doing things differently.