School Timings


1. Academic Year

The School year begins in April and ends in March.

2. Admission

Admission is restricted by certain regulations and by condition of age, metal attitude, ability and conduct of the candidate. Applicants for admission will be interviewed, tested and admitted to the standard they are found fit, according to the vacancies available.

The admission form should be duly filled and signed by the parents supported by the relevant document as desired by the School. Birth Certificate issued by the Church or by the Municipal Corporation shall be held valid.

The correct date of birth and name should be entered in the admission form. No change will be made once the name and the date of birth are entered into the school register.

If a child is admitted during the term, the necessary fees of the whole term, the development fees, annual fees and the caution money have to be paid.

Pre – Prep. & Prep classes do not come under the purview of the education department. Admissions to Kindergarten classes are made by the school authorities, depending upon their norms of selection of children and the availability of seats.

Every candidate for admission must be introduced by the parent/guardian who will be responsible for his/her conduct, progress in studies, discipline & payment of fees.

The Principal reserves the right and discretion to admit or not to admit any student without assigning any reason for it and his decision shall be final.

3. Withdrawal

No School leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for in writing by the parent or guardian one month in advance or a month’s fee paid before the child is withdrawn from the school.

4. Dismissal

The principal reserves the right to dismiss a student or suspend him/her for a certain period of time if the conduct of the student, in principal’s opinion is against the good moral tone of the school.

Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, unexplained absence for more than one month, disobedience, bad conduct in and outside the school, repeated misbehavior towards any member of the school family, repeated failures in examinations justify dismissal or suspension from the school.

If any student or parent/guardian of any student misbehaves with the principal or staff of the school, the student will be expelled without notice.

5. Attendance

Regular attendance for class is an important factor of good education. Hence, no student should absent himself/herself from class without sufficient reason and prior permission.

Half day will not be granted to students. Once they come to the school, they have to attend the whole day, unless requested by parents in case of any emergency.

A pupil who is absent from class will not be admitted unless a leave note is produced from the parent, stating the reason for absence.

In case of serious illness that requires absence for more than five days, the Principal must be informed in writing and the doctor’s certificate must be presented to him by the parent. The Principal can grant only 15 days leave and another 15 days can be had through production of a medical certificate.

Reasons for the absence must be clearly stated in the “Leave Record” of the handbook.

6. Examinations and Promotions

The school will be conducting regular examinations so that the teacher as well as the parents could have an idea as to how much the child has been able to comprehend. This will help to monitor the general day to day progress of the child. Therefore, no student may absent himself/herself from any examination, except when prevented by reasons of health, in which case a medical certificate is required.

A Student who is caught copying at the Examination will have his/her paper taken away and no marks given.

Students absent from the Examination or test are not re-examined.

Absence of more than 30 days in an academic year will make the student ineligible for promotion.

Promotion of a student from one standard to another is made at the end of the school year on the basis of the entire year’s performance.

Results once declared shall be treated as final.

7. Discipline

Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, of neatness in person and dress and punctuality are required at all time.

Cleanliness is a pre-requisite of orderliness. Therefore all the classrooms, corridors and campus as a whole, must reflect this tone of our school, which aims at bringing up the young persons to mature adulthood.

Language is the best mode of communication. Hence the students are expected to speak only in English once they enter the school campus except in language classes.

Order must be the hallmark of our school. Therefore, an atmosphere of silence must be maintained by everyone during working hours in classrooms, staff-rooms and office. Thus everyone contributes to maintain an excellence in standards.

The diary issued to every student at the beginning of the year is to be kept neat and tidy all through the year and to be brought to school everyday. Students are not allowed to write anything on it except in the calendar part of it. Daily homework or examination time tables may be written. It must be safely kept throughout the year and will not be easily replaced. If lost, a new one has to be collected from the office, but only with the special permission of the Principal on the recommendation of the class-teacher. It is an important document of the student’s career, conduct and studies in the school for the year and hence is not to be replaced easily.

The school will hold no responsibility for untoward conduct, accidents, death etc of teachers, student or workers outside the school premises.

Besides textbooks no other books such as Novels, Magazines, Newspapers or Comics are to be brought to school without the prior permission from the Principal. Obscene articles, books, pictures and letters found with any student shall lead to immediate dismissal from the school.

Students are forbidden to bring mobile phones, transistors, firecrackers, sharp pointed weapons, explosives and other dangerous material to school or drive vehicles to school.

No student will leave the school during the school hours or during lunch break, without the permission of the Principal. A gate pass will have to be taken from the Principal incase of urgency.

Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. As a precautionary measure, it is suggested that they have their names inscribed on articles like Tiffin carriers, umbrellas, school bag, shoes, pencil box and pencils.

It is not advisable for the students to wear gold ornaments or to bring other valuable articles to school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of such articles of students.

Any damage done to school property must be made good. Writing, carving and scratching on walls and furniture will be severely penalized.

No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be started without the prior permission of the Principal. Similarly, no outings, picnics, etc. may be planned by student or members of the staff without informing the Principal.

On Birthdays Pre-prep and Prep, pupils are allowed to wear a simple modest dress and can distribute sweets. Students are earnestly requested to make no personal gifts to staff members.

8. School Fees

You are requested to fill in the Name, Standard and Section exactly on the cover of the Fee Book in block letters.

The fees are to be deposited into the “Punjab National Bank”, Argora Colony, Ranchi, preferably in Cash or Cheque in favour of “Society of Pilar, Bihar, A/C Fr. Agnel School” or “Society of Pilar, Bihar, A/C Chubby Cheeks Preparatory School”, depending upon the type of Bill Book provided to the child.

Fees for each month should be paid latest by the 15th of the current month. A late fee of Rs. 25/month is to be added with fees if not deposited in the current month. If a Cheque is bounced, you are requested to pay a fine of Rs. 50 in the School office.

No reduction in fee is made for holidays or broken days.

All fees must be paid before every Examination and the Fee Book be presented before entering the Examination Hall. Failure to do so will deny the student from answering the exams.

Parents are to kindly keep the Fee Book in safe custody till the end of the academic year and produce them for ready reference when required at the time of results or transfer certificate.

Replacement of a lost or damaged Fee Book will be made on payment of Rs. 25/-.

The details of the fee may be collected from the school office.


• Never omit a lesson or homework assigned.

• Always revise the work done in class and get your difficulties solved.

• If memory work is assigned, learn it overnight and repeat it, the first thing in the morning.

• At the end of the week repeat all that was learnt during the week.

• Make a daily home time-table for yourself. In this way you will learn to be a student of regular habits, a most valuable asset for life.

• Realize the value of time. Do not wait till the exam approaches. Do not waste your God-given talents for want of application. The key to success is regular work.